Hidden Gestures: CD Artwork by David Wasik; August 17-September 7, 2001
An exhibit of 100 limited edition cd's from Buffalo's acid jazz group The Waz. David Wasik, the band's drummer has put together 100 of their latest cds, each one with its' own unique artwork. Their web site is here.

Michael Mulley, Recent Photos: Buffalo and Boston; July 7-July 31, 2001
During the slow summer season Mike decided to show some of his recent works, cityscapes and urban scenes of Buffalo and Boston.

Three Painters:Andrew Clark, Bryan Lohr and William Owen Logan a/k/a "Chief"; June 7-June 30, 2001
Andrew Clark was born in Buffalo, NY and attendedthe Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts. After spending seven years in New York City he has returned to Buffalo and has been showing his work throughout Buffalo.
Bryan Lohr was born in Lackawanna, NY. He received his BFA in Visual Arts form SUNY Fredonia and in August he will be leaving Western New York to persue a master's degree in art at UC San Diego.
William Owen Logan, or Chief is a Native American Artist with a long history in the Buffalo and New York City art worlds. His works, colectively known as "Terra Indigena" or "belonging to the earth" explores indiginous art from cultures all over the world alone and in combination. Visit him here.