Form Has Nothing to do With Function

In February, 2002, the College Street Gallery was renovated by Joe Messick, then a graduate student in architecture at the University of Buffalo. The renovation was Joe's thesis project. Upon it's completion we celebrated our new addition/permanant installation entitling it "Form Has Noting to do with Function". Joe's work at the Gallery has won a student design competition from the American Institute of Architectural Students. Be sure to take a look at it when you're at the gallery.

Buffalo, New York: The American Institute of Architecture Students announced January 2, 2003, during their national conference held in Chicago, the winners of their student design competitions. Among the recipients of these prestigious awards was University at Buffalo architecture student Joseph Messick.

The AIAS Design Review 2002 competition was open to all architecture students worldwide, and was juried by students, faculty and practicing architects from around the United States. Mr. Messick won top honors in the graduate school division for a thesis project that he designed and built at the College Street Gallery in Buffalo's historic Allentown district.

Mr. Messick said, "I wanted my project to demonstrate the viability of a design-build approach to architecture, and to promote a stronger connection between the project and its architect through a greater hands-on approach." Mr. Messick believes that a closer relationship between the architect, the craftsmen, and the material increases the quality of the finished product.

The award-winning structure at the gallery was designed and hand built by Mr. Messick over the course of several months last year. It serves to provide the gallery with badly needed additional room and does so in such a way as to beautify the space. Architecture student Michael Stewart, at a review of the project said, "This project exemplifies the direction architecture education should be moving in, it serves well, the craftsmanship is excellent, and it is aesthetically striking."

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